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Apply for Staff

Interested in applying for a staff position on Warrenz? You can see here which positions are open, what duties they entail, requirements, and other details.
All potential applicants must be 18+ years of age to be eligible.
Warrenz is a small site that does not bring in much profit, so most positions are only open to volunteers at this time. Paid positions will vary by the site's month-to-month budget if funding is ever available.

Applications can be sent through the contact us form. In your application, be sure to include:
- The position you are applying for.
- Why you want the position.
- Your age.
- How much time you will have to put into Warrenz.
- Previous experience if applicable.


Warrenz moderators will be tasked with helping and moderating users. They should be well versed in the Terms of Service, communicate openly with other staff about the rules and enforcement when needed, and able to handle conflict in an unbiased and responsible manner. When there is no need for moderation, moderators may be needed for other tasks such as helping with bug fixes (especially during early development). People skills and reading comprehension are required. Moderators must be active and able to join the staff/volunteers Discord (an invite will be provided).


Volunteer artists are non-staff contributors with fewer requirements. Artists must be able to use a digital art program that can handle PSD files, and have a basic understanding of layers and digital art. They are tasked with drawing markings for rabbits on Warrenz using our pose templates, marking guidelines, and uploading feature section that's available to Warrenz artists.
Unlike moderators, artists are not required to join the Warrenz staff/volunteers Discord.


Potential developer applicants must be familiar with PHP and mysqli (Warrenz does not use a framework) and will be tasked with bug fixes and feature expansions.