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Z 051

Z 051's Info

Old Name: GalRose
Gender: Doe
Gifted (artistic)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Z Rabbits
Owned by: JasperAndPearl
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Z 051's Stats


Power: 273
Aptitude: 69
Health: 95
Attack: 87
Defense: 91
Energy: 95
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Color: Torted Blue Japanese Harlequin
Genes: tan black full dilute harlequin solid none
(atat - BB - Ccchl - dd - eje - enen - VV)


051 likes to think of herself as the toughest of the Z Rabbits group. She is often found practicing her sparring moves and chasing off any stray rabbits that pose a threat to the Warren. However, she does fins herself glancing at the rabbits in the Tunnel Of Cha and the Thokchas that they make. Despite being an outsider, other rabbits started respecting her more when she won the 15th Character Contest for Hops' Warren.


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