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KeenJay's Info

Old Name: KeenJay
Gender: Doe
Funny (funny)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Jays Tunnel
Owned by: Tommybearry
Mom: ZeroBerry
Dad: ScootJay
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KeenJay's Stats


Power: 262
Aptitude: 112
Health: 64
Attack: 107
Defense: 91
Energy: 110
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Color: Orange Tiger Wild
Genes: agouti black full dense non solid none
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KeenJay is the chosen child of ScootJay the warren founder. She takes her responsibilities with honor and strives to continue her fathers legacy. Her mother and father are her advisers and guide Keen on her journey. Her mate is ZealJay Conflict with her half brothers StingNorth and NatureShy make her claim as leader rocky, however the warren accepts her as leader regardless. Current Line of succession StingNorth NatureShy ZealJay


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