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Z 053

Z 053's Info

Old Name: MarrowMonster
Gender: Doe
Reserved (quiet)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Z Rabbits
Owned by: JasperAndPearl
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Z 053's Stats


Power: 266
Aptitude: 67
Health: 91
Attack: 90
Defense: 85
Energy: 91
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Color: Black Magpie Harlequin
Genes: agouti black shaded dense harlequin solid none
(aA - Bb - cchlcchl - Dd - eje - enen - VV)


053 is pretty quiet. She doesn't usually speak to to others that didn't come from her old Warren. Despite this, she was somehow the first Z rabbit to breed with someone from Hops' Warren.


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