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Daisyflower's Info

Old Name: DaisyDiagnosed
Gender: Doe
Reliable (loyal)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Daisyflower's Warren
Owned by: CheeseHamster
Mom: Sunshine
Dad: Daffodilpatch
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Daisyflower's Stats


Power: 313
Aptitude: 169
Health: 113
Attack: 93
Defense: 107
Energy: 158
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Color: Black Chimera English Wild
Genes: self black full dense full solid none
(aa - BB - CC - dD - EE - enen - VV)
Chimeric Genes: tan orange full dilute full solid vienna


Daisyflower was born to Daffodilpatch and Sunshine during Fawnstar's reign. She lived in the warren with a pampered life, as her father always paid attention to her. After Daffodilpatch became leader, she became a member of his council, and mates with Berrycake. She had her first son, Horror, with Berrycake. Daffodilpatch was furious that his best friend and his daughter became mates, but put no blame on Daisyflower. He later forgave Berrycake after seeing what an asset to the warren Horror was. Daisyflower became mates with Scourge after, and they had two kits together before Daisyflower broke up with him and went to Asphyxia instead. <img src='https://i.imgur.com/qNggArI.png'>


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