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BabyTiger's Info

Old Name: BabyTiger
Gender: Doe
Na´ve (friendly)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Color
Owned by: kasscolt
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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BabyTiger's Stats


Power: 175
Aptitude: 1
Health: 61
Attack: 57
Defense: 57
Energy: 5
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Color: Full Colorful Agouti Star Tiger Wild
Genes: agouti black color dense full solid none
(aA - BB - cclrcclr - Dd - eE - enen - VV)


BabyTiger (originally named BabyTiger) wanted to join user #65 after a challenge against ThunderCow. It took 78 yellow snowflakes to get her the right color red, and two golden snowflakes. And a lot of stones. Started out as a high rufus, cinnamon colored, ear lick posed doe


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