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SixImmortal's Info

Old Name: SixImmortal
Gender: Doe
Thrifty (practical)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Tunnel of Foragers
Owned by: rho
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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SixImmortal's Stats


Power: 66
Aptitude: 1
Health: 38
Attack: 10
Defense: 18
Energy: 16
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Color: Blue Vienna Wild Stripe Zigzag
Genes: self black full dilute full solid vienna
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"I keep having this dream," Six says. RainbowBeryl, the mildly disturbing rabbit who found Six, spares a glance. "Really? What kind of dream?" "I was in the sky. I was big - bigger than a wolf, or even a human. I was fighting something I've never seen before. It had...long claws that light up like a firebug, and it burns when they touch you. " The other rabbit shook their head. "Good thing that's just a dream. I don't think I could protect the warren from anything like that." Six nodded. "Yes, just a dream."


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