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VaryShotPosition's Info

Old Name: VaryShotPosition
Gender: Doe
Sarcastic (funny)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: ee Red/Orange/Tort/Fawn
Owned by: springacres
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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VaryShotPosition's Stats


Power: 174
Aptitude: 50
Health: 71
Attack: 51
Defense: 52
Energy: 75
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Color: Dichromatic Blue Tortoise English
Genes: self black full dilute non english none
(aa - BB - cchdC - dd - ee - Engen - VV)


VaryShotPosition (originally named VaryShotPosition) wanted to join user #1626 after a challenge against Hyzenthlay. "STRAAAWBERRIES!" a rabbit shouts right next to another rabbit who's shouting about bananas. She looks directly at the other rabbit while prancing around a half-eaten strawberry. "They're the best food EVER! And they stain your lips red, like you just DEVOURED someone! Can bananas do that?! Fight me."


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