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ExperimentBunny's Info

Old Name: ExperimentBunny
Gender: Doe
Devoted (loyal)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Tunnel of Foragers
Owned by: rho
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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ExperimentBunny's Stats


Power: 218
Aptitude: 61
Health: 102
Attack: 58
Defense: 58
Energy: 57
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Color: Full Wildcolor Heart Stripe
Genes: wild red color dense full solid eyecolor
(wildwild - redred - cclrcclr - Dd - EE - enen - eyeceyec)


"I got a pretty good haul of stuff!" a toothy white and red rabbit says. "It's a great season, it is. Mom wasn't kidding though, when she said 'you are what you eat', I know that now," A winged rabbit with a flowing mane smiles knowingly. "I'll bet. I changed myself on purpose to better suit my name what my ma and pa gave me - I'm MythicFolk, how about you?" Between mouthfuls of crushed flower petals, the toothy bun begins to say, "M' name's 'sperimnt ... essper-" The rabbit lets out a cough, and swallows her food. "Experiment Bunny."


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