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Take In

Taking PrettyToo from the forsaken burrows will add them to your group.
The burrows will let you have PrettyToo for 540 points.
If this rabbit is of a higher level than your account, they will automatically go down to your account level!

PrettyToo's Info

Old Name: PrettyToo
Gender: Doe
Lazy (calm)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Outlier
Owned by:
Mom: GrabLearning
Dad: SpotsEither
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PrettyToo's Stats


Power: 7
Aptitude: 19
Health: 5
Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Energy: 5
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Color: Harlequinized Wildcolor Vienna Dot
Genes: wild color color dense harlequine solid vienna
(wildat - Bclr - cclrcclr - DD - Eej - enen - Vv)