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ViewMouthy's Info

Old Name: ViewMouthy
Gender: Buck
Introverted (quiet)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Teef
Owned by: Draketeeth
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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ViewMouthy's Stats


Power: 102
Aptitude: 31
Health: 36
Attack: 35
Defense: 31
Energy: 36
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Color: Black
Genes: self black chin dense full solid none
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ViewMouthy (originally named ViewMouthy) wanted to join user #1778 after a challenge against CalculationContinued. After a time, he moved on, welcomed wherever he went and increasing his battle prowess as he defended his new home. At last he settled in the Teef Tunnel, where his nature, though quiet, was not docile. There's a lot that can be said by the way someone smiles. He's not the top fighter in the tunnel for nothing.


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