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Brothers Bedroom

Brothers Bedroom's Info

Gender: Buck
Energetic (excited)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: 1. Birdies
Owned by: sleepless
Mom: EarthlyRigid
Dad: SwimmerFall
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Brothers Bedroom's Stats


Power: 351
Aptitude: 154
Health: 178
Attack: 90
Defense: 83
Energy: 115
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Color: Colorful Agouti Star Wild
Genes: agouti blue color dense full solid eyecolorvienna
(Aa - bluB - cclrcchd - Dd - EE - enen - eyecv)


Brother's Bedroom, or just Brother, is too childish for his own good. He loves to play and run and fly, and he would do it all day if he was able to!

His best friend is Inlenildro, a very grumpy and gloomy skvader. Inlenildro claims that he finds Brother annoying but when no one else is around, Brother is the only rabbit that can make him smile.


Brothers Bedroom

Brothers Bedroom

Brothers Bedroom