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SpinelThump's Info

Old Name: SpinelThump
Gender: Doe
Curious (curious)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Chimeras
Owned by: TiggyTheCat
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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SpinelThump's Stats


Power: 164
Aptitude: 40
Health: 74
Attack: 23
Defense: 67
Energy: 106
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Color: Chinchilla Chimera Dot Wild
Genes: agouti black chin dense full solid none
(Aa - BB - cchdc - DD - EE - enen - VV)
Chimeric Genes: self black full dense full solid vienna


SpinelThump (originally named SpinelThump) wanted to join user #1848 after a challenge against Daisy. My very first chimera! Captured and markings added by me! I'm so proud! If you were curious, she was encounter 800-830. Not sure the exact number. Currently has one Character Contest win.


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