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Joy ll

Joy ll's Info

Old Name: OnCoal
Gender: Buck
Tolerant (modest)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Lake Laurel
Owned by: Lilbunnyfifi
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Joy ll's Stats


Power: 251
Aptitude: 82
Health: 116
Attack: 67
Defense: 68
Energy: 98
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Color: Full Wildcolor Dot Jay
Genes: wild red color dense full solid vienna
(wildwild - redred - cclrcclr - DD - EE - enen - Vv)


Joy ll was named after his predecessor, Joy. He enjoys indie folk music and has a beautiful wife named Vance. Their many children are his favorite song titles. Joy has an unnatural obsession with his Ex-Girlfriend, LegRockets. She is a lovely Skvader who isnĀ“t over him quite yet. Vance hates her, of course.


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