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Alder's Info

Old Name: MythicDefend
Gender: Buck
Judgy (proud)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Guardians
Owned by: Aes
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Alder's Stats


Power: 246
Aptitude: 103
Health: 43
Attack: 102
Defense: 101
Energy: 102
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Color: Blue
Genes: self black full dilute full solid none
(aa - Bb - cchlC - dd - eE - enen - VV)


Alder is pretty tough, in strength and in judgement as well. Not easily impressed and quite often will compare others to himself, those who are weaker, quieter and a little on the shy side don't come up too well initially, and funnily enough those who have an ego and confidence are also frowned upon. Once you've softened him up a little and he's had the chance to get to know you better, he's actually not all that bad at all, fiercely protective and very much loyal to the warren.


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