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Flick's Info

Old Name: JitteryShred
Gender: Buck
Reliable (loyal)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Outlier
Owned by: Flicker
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Flick's Stats


Power: 234
Aptitude: 85
Health: 89
Attack: 75
Defense: 70
Energy: 73
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Color: Full Colorful Agouti Wild English
Genes: agouti color color dense full solid none
(AA - clrclr - cclrcclr - DD - Ee - enen - VV)


"Bidididididididididididididiididididididididiididididididid Move it all Wididididididididididididididididi bi Widibibibibibibibibibibibiibibbiib dayshawn Dibidibidibidibidibi bar bass Wah buduh wah Kill the bass Wir-afin-afin-afin off his face, nah Ged udududugeludududugeludududugel Udududugeludududugeludududugeludududugel Coming all down Git git git git git git git Give me that fucking bat Coming at you Widibidibidibi Big big bass about to kick" - MC MENTAL


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