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Lorcan's Info

Old Name: SteppedAgape
Gender: Buck
Fancy (fancy)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Tunnel Of Cha
Owned by: JasperAndPearl
Mom: Ingvar
Dad: Nettle
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Lorcan's Stats


Power: 117
Aptitude: 49
Health: 27
Attack: 38
Defense: 52
Energy: 84
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Color: Full Wildcolor Harlequin Zigzag
Genes: wild color color dense full solid none
(wildwild - clrclr - cclrcclr - DD - Ee - enen - VV)


Lorcan came from another Warren. No one had invited him, really, but no one was going to say against it. (Well maybe there were a few...) Most of the rabbits in Hops' Warren were shocked not only by his bright colors, but also by his long features, sharp teeth, and of course, the eye on his tail. He is described to be fancy, which isn't hard to believe. He doesn't like it when his mate Spice sneaks Cha for herself, but he wouldn't dream of getting her into trouble over it. Through hard work and dedication, he finally won a Character Contest! It marks the sixth for his Warren. He also won the twenty fifth and twenty ninth.


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