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White Glove

White Glove's Info

Old Name: ManedBittery
Gender: Buck
Strong (leader)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Secondary
Owned by: Aelwin
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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White Glove's Stats


Power: 215
Aptitude: 61
Health: 28
Attack: 95
Defense: 92
Energy: 97
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Color: Chestnut Vienna
Genes: agouti black full dense full solid vienna
(aA - bB - CC - DD - EE - enen - Vv)


White Glove was always different. Small, fierce, and clever with an unquenchable lust for adventure. As he aged he made many friends and led them into all sorts of trouble, getting them out with just as much ease. Unfortunately he remained an outlier so he left. He fought any stranger he could. Defeat was common and many refused to fight him at all saying that such a cute rabbit was no challenge. One day a large scarred buck accepted. The large buck won in two swift strikes but he bowed his head in respect. "Come with me." He said "all are welcome in my warren." "I'll follow as long as no one calls me cute!" White Glove said. The big buck chuckled "Wouldn't dream of it."


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