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BalmyVelvet's Info

Old Name: BalmyVelvet
Gender: Buck
Rash (brave)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Forsaken: the reach
Owned by: Rogue
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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BalmyVelvet's Stats


Power: 23
Aptitude: 9
Health: 6
Attack: 10
Defense: 7
Energy: 9
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Color: Wildcolor
Genes: wild red color dense full solid none
(Awild - bred - Ccclr - dD - eE - enen - VV)


One of the frequenters of the Flamboyant Changeling, BalmyVelvet knew there was no else he would belong. Not with his birth warren, not with any other warren like that one. They could flick off, his heart belong to the crowd of the Flamboyant Changeling. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for the infinity excepting ForgetDolomite, DameRarity the nicest rabbits in existence, stubbornly independent DemonstrateRead, WhirlSqueaky who was nervous as hell and artistic gifted, even mildly annoying AlwaysFaithful, the succinct rabbit who handled the financials of a changing shop that never charge a point. They were his family and he would protect them. Member of the forsaken burrows.


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