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Comte de Chambord

Comte de Chambord's Info

Old Name: HardestGet
Gender: Doe
Dreamy (amorous)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Main
Owned by: Aes
Mom: EasilyValerian
Dad: QuilWrath
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Comte de Chambord's Stats


Power: 50
Aptitude: 53
Health: 5
Attack: 28
Defense: 17
Energy: 39
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Color: Full Colorful Agouti Wild Heart
Genes: agouti color color dense full solid eyecolor
(AA - clrclr - cclrcclr - DD - EE - enen - eyeceyec)


Comte de Chambord is as graceful as her namesake and her appearance may suggest. In fact she lives up to her appearance in more ways than one as she is quite the romantic, not even her own life but also enjoys playing cupid for those around her. This hasn't been very successful so far but she remains optimistic.


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