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Experiment 6206

Experiment 6206's Info

Gender: Buck
Tidy (practical)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Spots, Patches & Stripes
Owned by: DreamDazed
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Experiment 6206's Stats


Power: 243
Aptitude: 53
Health: 102
Attack: 71
Defense: 70
Energy: 100
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Color: Full Colorful Agouti
Genes: agouti color color dense full solid eyecolor
(AA - clrclr - cclrcclr - DD - EE - enen - eyeceyec)


An Experiment that escaped the human's cold, steely burrow. He finds himself unwelcomed wherever he goes but has recently found himself in good company of a warren housing unusual rabbits similar to himself. The other rabbits call him Exper, so that's what he goes by.


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