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Ravisher's Info

Old Name: RavishDeed
Gender: Buck
Competitive (fighter)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Tangerine's Leadership
Owned by: JasperAndPearl
Mom: Hush
Dad: BoundSwift
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Ravisher's Stats


Power: 9
Aptitude: 25
Health: 6
Attack: 1
Defense: 2
Energy: 5
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Color: Chestnut
Genes: agouti black full dense full solid eyecolor
(atA - bB - Cc - DD - eE - enen - eyecV)


This Buck, who is called Ravisher, is a competitive fighter. He likes to challenge other rabbits inside and outside of his Warren to a sparring contest, even if he knows he'll lose. He has no littermates and the second kitter of BoundSwift and Hush, but the first Kit they've had together.


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