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Prolonged's Info

Old Name: AlphaProlonged
Gender: Buck
Fun (funny)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Junior fighters
Owned by: Cosima
Mom: Gum
Dad: HolesMulti
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Prolonged's Stats


Power: 28
Aptitude: 32
Health: 15
Attack: 9
Defense: 4
Energy: 14
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Color: Dutch Tricolor Harlequin
Genes: agouti black full dense harlequin broken dutch
(Aa - Bb - CC - DD - eje - Enen - Vdu)


Prolonged loves to make jokes and games and also prefers other rabbits to call him Tri. He was abandoned when he was a kit and was found and raised by The Blitz Warren. He doesn’t like to think or talk about his past even with his best friend Feather.


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