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Lavender's Info

Old Name: HopelessCouple
Gender: Buck
Agreeable (modest)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Brave Souls
Owned by: Fiver
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Lavender's Stats


Power: 101
Aptitude: 44
Health: 42
Attack: 33
Defense: 26
Energy: 51
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Color: Fade Agouti Harlequin
Genes: agouti color color dilute full solid none
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Lavender is the founder and the leader of the warren. He's not as strong as Taeko, but he's still one of the quickest and most experienced rabbits in the warren. His witty nature has allowed him to make many friends on his journey. One of Lavender's greatest strengths is his ability to work with other rabbits, whether taking down a predator or planning the construction of a new tunnel. A few months after starting Fiver Warren, Lavender was confronted by a human who seemed unusually weak. When he attempted to find out more by venturing a bit closer, he met the end of a shotgun--- and the end of his first life. He journeyed back from the Spirit Land successfully, thanks to the help of his loyal companions December and Otter. From that strange place, Lavender gained new knowledge and skill; however, that was not all. Upon his return, Lavender's lynx-colored fur was turned into the beautiful violet-blue color of his namesake.


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