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Airid's Info

Old Name: AirSpending
Gender: Buck
Fearless (brave)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Fleeting Winds
Owned by: XB0NEZ
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Airid's Stats


Power: 664
Aptitude: 196
Health: 439
Attack: 113
Defense: 112
Energy: 117
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Color: Shagouti Panda Lightspirit Spirit Jay Tiger
Genes: agouti black shaded dense full solid eyecolor
(Aa - BB - cchlcchl - Dd - eE - enen - eyeceyec)


Airid was not born a Skadver rabbit. He was instead, born a regular rabbit without a Warren to a single doe, SongDance. He had a good Kithood, but he was lonely and wanted to explore. After his mothers death, Arid took off to adventure, garnering a following due to his bravery & strength along the way. Arid became a Skadver rabbit after a close call with death, fighting an owl.


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