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Lord Fluffy

Lord Fluffy's Info

Old Name: ShinyCliff
Gender: Buck
Frustrated (cynical)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: The Monarchy
Owned by: Bigwig
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Lord Fluffy's Stats


Power: 109
Aptitude: 21
Health: 17
Attack: 43
Defense: 49
Energy: 57
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Color: Agouti Himi Spirit
Genes: agouti black himi dense full solid none
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Lord Fluffy and Lady Fluffy are the leaders of the Monarchy warren. Despite their humorous names, they are despots who rule with iron claws. In fact, Lord Fluffy's death was once celebrated only for Lady Fluffy to perform a dark ritual to revive him. While his kingdom is full of unhappy rabbits, they have seen him come back and proclaim immortality, and they are frightened. Perhaps a hero will rise, or perhaps they will never be free of his hold.


Lord Fluffy