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Lady Fluffy

Lady Fluffy's Info

Old Name: VengeanceSpelt
Gender: Doe
Cultured (fancy)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: The Monarchy
Owned by: Bigwig
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Lady Fluffy's Stats


Power: 93
Aptitude: 23
Health: 12
Attack: 38
Defense: 43
Energy: 56
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Color: Agouti Himi Spirit
Genes: agouti black himi dense full solid none
(Aa - BB - chch - DD - EE - enen - VV)


Lady Fluffy, who rules the Monarchy warren alongside Lord Fluffy, is a very pristine rabbit who prefers to leave physical fighting others (though if pushed, she is rather large). She likes to wage war with words and glances, songs and dances. When she does resort to aggressive plays, it is usually "cloak-and-dagger"; those who oppose her tend to mysteriously vanish. Lady Fluffy may be the true power behind the throne.


Lady Fluffy

Lady Fluffy

Lady Fluffy

Lady Fluffy