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Larkspur's Info

Old Name: StoryMove
Gender: Doe
Daring (brave)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Main
Owned by: Aes
Mom: Borage
Dad: Jacaranda
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Larkspur's Stats


Power: 7
Aptitude: 25
Health: 5
Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Energy: 5
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Color: Broken Colorful Agouti Vienna Wild
Genes: agouti color color dense full broken vienna
(AA - Bclr - cclrC - DD - EE - enEn - Vv)


On first appearances she may seem quite calm and docile but don't be mistaken, Larkspur is quite often the one to be at the heart of fun but stupid things. Adventurous and bold, probably too much for her own good as she won't turn down a dare.


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