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Riz's Info

Old Name: BurdensFeeding
Gender: Doe
Defiant (fighter)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Main
Owned by: Aes
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Riz's Stats


Power: 14
Aptitude: 1
Health: 5
Attack: 6
Defense: 3
Energy: 6
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Color: Ermine Tiger
Genes: agouti purple chin dense non solid eyecolor
(AA - blured - cchdcchd - DD - ee - enen - eyeceyec)


Perhaps it stems from sticking up for herself, but Riz is very much a fighter. She has an easily set off temper at times which has led to a number of unnecessary scraps fortunately most have learnt to give her the space when she needs it and it seems to be working though she's definitely not to be trusted in greeting any newcomers to the warren alone.


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