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Barley's Info

Old Name: AwarenessBarley
Gender: Doe
Knowledgeable (curious)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Broken
Owned by: GabbyAnn
Mom: FieldDaze
Dad: Spirit
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Barley's Stats


Power: 99
Aptitude: 41
Health: 14
Attack: 44
Defense: 41
Energy: 62
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Color: Broken Chocolate Tortoise
Genes: self chocolate full dense non broken none
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Barley was abandoned as a young doe, blamed for always being dirty and covered in mud. Nobody wants a dirty doe. Her best friend is Spot, another doe with strange wild spot markings. As outcasts they travel together, spending time in tunnels with friendly bucks, maybe she is a dirty doe? Barley creates beautiful torts, orange and fawn kits.


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