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Pinecone's Info

Old Name: VaryRune
Gender: Buck
Ambitious (leader)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Potato Grove Warren
Owned by: FlowerfawnCreations
Mom: CougarSavour
Dad: Spirit
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Pinecone's Stats


Power: 113
Aptitude: 62
Health: 41
Attack: 29
Defense: 43
Energy: 39
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Color: Broken Black
Genes: self black full dense full broken none
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Originally born a hutch rabbit, Pinecone is now chief of Potato Grove Warren. It was through his intelligence and brute force that he managed to climb up the ranks. He proves to be a great leader, making sure there's plenty food for his warrenmates, providing a safe space for does to raise their kits, and above all, keeping the warren away from danger.


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