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King Abyss

King Abyss's Info

Old Name: QueenAbyss
Gender: Buck
Brave (brave)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Tunnel Of Cha
Owned by: JasperAndPearl
Mom: Robin
Dad: MinkDiffer
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King Abyss's Stats


Power: 7
Aptitude: 35
Health: 5
Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Energy: 5
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Color: Wildcolor
Genes: wild black color dense full solid none
(wildA - Bb - cclrcclr - DD - EE - enen - VV)


King Abyss is very brave. He won't back down from a challenge, and willingly goes into dangerous situations such as exploring unknown places or sticking it to predators. He is the second born of MinkDiffer, and his brother is King Ice. He proudly won Character Contest #9 for his Warren.


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