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Medley's Info

Old Name: MedleyWreaths
Gender: Buck
Strong (leader)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Beep Tunnel
Owned by: StarFlowr23
Mom: NonNoun
Dad: CoastalHyssop
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Medley's Stats


Power: 21
Aptitude: 164
Health: 7
Attack: 9
Defense: 5
Energy: 11
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Color: Chocolate Fox
Genes: tan chocolate full dense non solid eyecolor
(aat - bb - Cch - dD - ee - enen - eyecV)


After a small skirmish at the edge of the forest, Patterns noticed Medley's high aptitude and potential, and offered the buck a burrow in the Beep Tunnel. He accepted, and was brought to Regard, who knew he had many skills that only needed some practice to shine through, and immediately brought him in. He trains alongside the older rabbits and his little sister, Tangerine, who is just as determined as he is. He is quickly rising the ranks, despite being so young. Everyone is fascinated by his purple eyes. He loves flowers, dandelions are his favorite (to look at and to eat).


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