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DashingFit's Info

Old Name: DashingFit
Gender: Buck
Courteous (helpful)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Cream of the Crop
Owned by: GabbyAnn
Mom: Dramatic
Dad: SayWet
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DashingFit's Stats


Power: 47
Aptitude: 84
Health: 5
Attack: 22
Defense: 20
Energy: 20
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Color: Harlequinized Wildcolor
Genes: wild black color dense harlequine solid none
(wildwild - bB - cclrcclr - DD - Eej - enen - VV)


DashingFit was named after one of Santas raindeer. Born with unique antlers and zebra markings, nobody in his warren knew what he was. Deer? Zebra? Rabbit? He is the fastest rabbit of the entire colony thus why he was named after Santas fastest raindeer.


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