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Wander's Info

Old Name: CloserStill
Gender: Doe
Knowledgeable (curious)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: The Nest
Owned by: 2crow
Mom: AventurineCabbage
Dad: Gravel Moth
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Wander's Stats


Power: 43
Aptitude: 24
Health: 19
Attack: 7
Defense: 17
Energy: 16
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Color: Broken Colorful Agouti
Genes: agouti color color dense full broken none
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She sat in the Burrows- crowded on every side. She’d made a couple friends so far- Hours, and that shy one named Seven- but she had never felt so alone, in the swirling crowd. Her bone-white fur was spiked with dirt and mud. Her wings were broken. She saw a black rabbit parting the crowd towards her, and she cocked an ear. The rabbit’s blue eyes glowed on the glistening Burrow walls. ‘I’m Crow,’ she said. ‘I’m here to take you home.’ For once, Wander was happy.


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