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Loamtooth's Info

Old Name: NetPyroxmangite
Gender: Buck
Fearless (brave)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Soulhearth
Owned by: Anomalous
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Loamtooth's Stats


Power: 430
Aptitude: 123
Health: 238
Attack: 95
Defense: 97
Energy: 98
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Color: Cinnamon Vienna Harlequin Cap
Genes: agouti chocolate full dense full solid vienna
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Once an abandoned kit of nomadic outliers, Loamtooth became intent on making his own destiny at a very young age at whatever cost to himself. He established a burrow known as Soulhearth that later grew into its own warren town with the help of several rabbits he recruited such as Honeytouch, Cottontuft, & Elkmight. They dug the necessary framework for an extensive underground colony to serve Soulhearth til their paws were raw and nails broken. But such efforts were rewarded with Loamtooth now serving as community leader for founding it. For once in his life, he feels comfortable and safe, able to relax, even start a family.