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Crow's Info

Old Name: DurationShell
Gender: Doe
Skillful (leader)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: The Aerie
Owned by: 2crow
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Crow's Stats


Power: 54
Aptitude: 18
Health: 20
Attack: 19
Defense: 15
Energy: 17
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Color: Black Wild
Genes: self black full dense full solid none
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Crow was once a leader. She led her army across the fields, sun bearing down, when she found a buck from the other side. She took him in as a prisoner, but when she sat and listened to his tales each night, she learned he was afraid. Over time, she began to love him, and the two ran out one night to see the moon. The buck sat and wept. His warren never came back for him. Despite his love for Crow, he became a shell; devoid of passion or warmth. Those who had claimed to be his family had abandoned him. When the two returned the next morning, the warren was gone, and for many years the two wandered, tired and homeless- to make a warren of their very own, a safe haven for the hurt and the lost.


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