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Mossy's Info

Old Name: BrushArgue
Gender: Doe
Passive (calm)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Outlier
Owned by: 2crow
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Mossy's Stats


Power: 43
Aptitude: 7
Health: 14
Attack: 11
Defense: 18
Energy: 20
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Color: Yellow Agouti Vienna Mosaic
Genes: agouti yellow full dilute full solid vienna
(Aa - ylwylw - cC - dd - eE - enen - Vv)
Chimeric Genes: agouti green wideband dense full solid vienna


Mossy comes from far away. She’s appreciated in the warren for her silence, but she will never tell anyone about her past. She constantly complements everyone else, and keeps herself well-groomed. Crow says she’s a daydreamer who always has her head in the clouds, but Mossy couldn’t agree- she’s always had a fear of heights. She loves visiting the Flowerfield with Kampilan and Artemis, and covering herself with pretty blooms. Artemis always makes up stories of how she got her Mosaic coloring. It makes everyone laugh. One of them was that when she was a kit, her mother dropped her in the Crystal Pool and caught her halfway, so when she pulled her out, she was half a whole different rabbit!


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