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HerbRegretful's Info

Old Name: HerbRegretful
Gender: Doe
Mysterious (quiet)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: The Rainbow Isles
Owned by: AsoraamFeire
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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HerbRegretful's Stats


Power: 11
Aptitude: 12
Health: 5
Attack: 3
Defense: 3
Energy: 20
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Color: Colorful Otter
Genes: tan color color dense full solid none
(ata - clrclr - cclrC - DD - EE - enen - VV)


Herb is one of the resident diggers in Chocolate's warren. She keeps to herself, spending her free time planning out new tunnels and dens to provide more room for the expanding community. Even food doesn't bring her out often...she'll eat any mushrooms she finds before she ever thinks about going above ground.


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