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Coco's Info

Old Name: PluckDogs
Gender: Doe
Proper (fancy)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Tunnel 1
Owned by: PrimalGoddess
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Coco's Stats


Power: 197
Aptitude: 82
Health: 87
Attack: 55
Defense: 55
Energy: 55
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Color: Purple Agouti Vienna Spirit
Genes: agouti purple full dense full solid vienna
(Aat - blured - CC - dD - EE - enen - vV)


Coco, the friendly leader of the rather large warren hidden in the Lunar Veil. She trains daily so that she can ensure she is in shape and strong enough to defend her warren should a predator attack. While she has a proper personality, and a benevolent nature, she is stern where needed, but very fancy while doing it. After all someone has to keep all of the kits and pranksters of the warren in check.