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My Rabbits - My Warren


Borealis's Info

Gender: Buck
Gentle (modest)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: 2. Top Ranks
Owned by: sleepless
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Borealis's Stats


Power: 176
Aptitude: 51
Health: 57
Attack: 64
Defense: 55
Energy: 81
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Color: Colorful Agouti Vienna Wild English Fade
Genes: agouti color color dense full solid vienna
(aA - clrB - cclrcchl - DD - Ee - enen - Vv)


A long time ago, a white rabbit told the tale of a place where the night sky is a rainbow. A land that is always blanketed in white and the days and nights move slower than anywhere else. He spoke of a river in the clouds and the colors it shines are brighter than the stars. He said that there were rabbits there that looked like deer and that they had antlers and hooves. The white rabbit said this land was far, far away and that it was so vast that any rabbit would get lost in the land's emptiness.

Items Used: Jackalope Antler, Agouti Body Stone, Agouti Core, Wild Ears Stone and Wild Core