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Tiny's Info

Old Name: Tiny
Gender: Doe
Critical (cynical)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Training
Owned by: Draketeeth
Mom: Dweller
Dad: ClatterPop
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Tiny's Stats


Power: 457
Aptitude: 170
Health: 116
Attack: 171
Defense: 170
Energy: 171
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Color: Sable Point Dutch Blot Wild
Genes: wild black shaded dense non solid dutch
(wildwild - bB - ccchl - Dd - ee - enen - duV)


The Owl Incident was her fault. She's bite-sized, there's no way around it. BUT, in her defense, she knew a move from her last warren, was trying to teach her new warren, and she's a great bait size (which is one of the reasons she left her last warren, the traitors kept putting her out there ALONE. Not cool), so the best way to teach the move was to draw in an owl, and the rest is history. In hindsight, it probably WASN'T the best way, but everything turned out fine.


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