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Hawk's Info

Old Name: Hawk
Gender: Doe
Showy (proud)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Helcaraxë
Owned by: Chibiscuit
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Orchis
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Hawk's Stats


Power: 19
Aptitude: 8
Health: 7
Attack: 4
Defense: 8
Energy: 43
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Color: Wild Vienna Blot
Genes: wild black chin dense full solid vienna
(wildwild - Bb - cchdcchd - Dd - EE - enen - vV)


Hawk is a natural born entertainer, having inherited her dramatic flair from her father Orchis. She is ever ready to not only tell but perform a tale. Much-loved by the kittens in the warren, the elder rabbits tend to find Hawk a bit too tiring to be around and prefer the company of her more serious brother Amaryllis or her cheery sister Ophrys.


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