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Athafanisth's Info

Old Name: StarFlight
Gender: Doe
Cultured (fancy)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: 1. Birdies
Owned by: sleepless
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Athafanisth's Stats


Power: 134
Aptitude: 30
Health: 29
Attack: 63
Defense: 42
Energy: 66
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Color: Chocolate Wild Star
Genes: wild chocolate full dense full solid eyecolor
(wildat - bb - CC - Dd - EE - enen - eyeceyec)


Atha thaf anisth is Lapine for "heart on wind". Atha is a very kind and caring rabbit who just-so-happens to have the personality of a slightly spoiled house pet. She enjoys listening to the latest gossip almost as much as she enjoys eating fruit. If it was up to her, she wouldn't eat anything else. Grass can be, well, yucky. Of course a rabbit's diet demands it, so she must still occassionally graze with the commoners. Her love of fruit isn't a very healthy diet, so she's a little chubbier than other rabbits. Despite that, the many bucks courting her still bring her gifts of various fruits. Afterall, she is pretty. Ghost (#831) for 75k points and Golden Snowflake'd