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Fortnight's Info

Old Name: Fortnight
Gender: Doe
Aggressive (fighter)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Teef
Owned by: Draketeeth
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Fortnight's Stats


Power: 122
Aptitude: 23
Health: 19
Attack: 48
Defense: 55
Energy: 78
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Color: Colortort Spirit
Genes: self black color dense non solid eyecolor
(aa - BB - cclrcclr - DD - ee - enen - Veyec)


An honorary member of the Teef Tunnel, she's a part of the group, not for her name, but because of her literal teeth, her species totally unique in the warren. The other tunnels don't want much to do with her predatory, aggressive behavior, but her tunnelmates can match her bite for bite, and her ears are ragged from many an excellent brawl. Though powerful, she lets ViewMouthy remain the leader despite their close combat levels. Her communication skills are not as good, and she doesn't want the responsibility of being in charge.


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