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OakRoot's Info

Old Name: KindredSplash
Gender: Buck
Outgoing (excited)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Barbed Wire Warren
Owned by: Redwood765
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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OakRoot's Stats


Power: 106
Aptitude: 47
Health: 31
Attack: 38
Defense: 37
Energy: 67
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Color: Blue Wild Blot Stripe
Genes: wild black full dilute full solid vienna
(wilda - BB - cchdC - dd - EE - enen - Vv)


OakRoot, named so by his mother because of how strong and large he was as a kit, is the Warrens main protector. He protects the warren from any kind of predator or nasty rival warren rabbits. He can be rather offish towards other bucks personality wise however when it comes down to protecting them this disappears.


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