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ToTheDeath's Info

Old Name: ToTheDeath
Gender: Doe
Defiant (fighter)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: ..: Sentimentals :..
Owned by: muttduck
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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ToTheDeath's Stats


Power: 172
Aptitude: 6
Health: 39
Attack: 76
Defense: 57
Energy: 65
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Color: Full Wildcolor Blot Tear
Genes: wild black color dense non solid none
(wildat - BB - cclrC - DD - ee - enen - VV)


You immediately regret trying to get a closer look at the noises you heard in the bushes. You have no idea what it is, but it is obvious that it is a killing machine. The feeling of danger crashes over you like a tidal wave. Your pupils widen in fear. Your lungs fill with air, preparing to run for your life... if you survive, no one will ever believe your story.


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