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CausticColour's Info

Old Name: CausticColour
Gender: Buck
Gloomy (quiet)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Malus domestica
Owned by: Draketeeth
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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CausticColour's Stats


Power: 85
Aptitude: 11
Health: 15
Attack: 29
Defense: 41
Energy: 32
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Color: Colortort Spirit
Genes: self black color dense non solid none
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Seen glowing in the night, this odd creature in rabbit shape emits a sort of aura which others take heed, avoiding him though he doesn't appear an actual threat. They know he comes, though he doesn't make noise. Conversation tapers, breathing still, and then he arrives in the void of sound. Rumor says he took on a predator by himself? a tenacious soul saw it, thinking to offer futile help in a two to one brawl. He conquered alone, hectic and prismatic, a terrible swirl of color and light.


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