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Lilly's Info

Old Name: ButterNick
Gender: Buck
Neat (practical)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Blue Creeks Jackalope Ranch
Owned by: Hannah
Mom: Unknown
Dad: Unknown
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Lilly's Stats


Power: 826
Aptitude: 378
Health: 382
Attack: 222
Defense: 222
Energy: 222
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Color: Wild Vienna Tricolor Harlequin
Genes: wild black full dense harlequin broken vienna
(wildwild - BB - CC - DD - ejej - Enen - Vv)


After being attacked by an owl Lilly gave Bluefall the role as leader of the Warren. Bluefall had been running away when she saw the owl she had decided to help and saved Lilly. Lilly owes his life to her so he gave her the Warren now called Blue Creek named after Bluefall's fallen siblings.


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