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CubeBerylHeart's Info

Old Name: AddCubeBeryl
Gender: Doe
Fussy (nervous)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Malus doumeri
Owned by: Draketeeth
Mom: NiceWhite
Dad: ♥ KeplersHeart
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CubeBerylHeart's Stats


Power: 21
Aptitude: 466
Health: 7
Attack: 6
Defense: 8
Energy: 25
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Color: Dichromatic Harlequinized Black Otter
Genes: tan black full dense harlequine solid eyecolor
(ata - bB - wC - dD - ejE - enen - eyecV)


Everything must be just so for this fussy rabbit. When something is out of place she gets nervous and a a little paranoid that someone is messing with her things. Often, she has just misplaced them, but organization gives her peace of mind she otherwise lacks. Born 05 November 2019.


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